snacks + liquid nitrogen

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I looking to see what all we could make with liquid nitrogen and here was a a few recipes forĀ snacks that I thought was interesting.


  1. I clicked on your link and i actually did not find a recipe for brownies and liquid nitrogen but what i did find was a recipe for liquid nitrogen sorbet. after reading about it, liquid nitrogen sorbet sounds very tasty and i really want to try it. The auther said that once he mixed the drink with the liquid nitrogen that the end result had a pudding texture and i love the texture of pudding so that made me want to eat some even more. When we did liquid nitrogen in class i was wondering to myself if you could put things like brownies or strawberrys in liquid nitrogen and it still b good?

    Comment by twatson — April 4, 2010 #

  2. woops! thanks for catching that! I meant snacks but after reading the article I had brownies on my mind.. I dont think there would be much difference between brownies and brownies in liquid nitrogen, only that one is colder and hard. Although if the brownie was put into liquid nitrogen, it can be used in other recipes because we can get more textures with the frozen brownie like shattering it and using it as a topping.

    Comment by karbogas — April 4, 2010 #

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