What seafoods are good for you?

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I haven’t eaten red meat since I was in 6th grade.  I occasionally eat chicken as a source of protein, but again after watching the video in class on how they raise animals to produce meat, it made me sick.  I understand that this is a job for some, but I feel as if what they are doing to animals is just plain cruel.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an animal rights activist, but I do feel as thought we should treat our animals as they are being treated in the meat packing industry.  I believe that they way they raise their animals by feeding them hormones and foods that generate rapid growth is harmful and cruel.  I’ve actually decided that I think I’m going to stay away from eating meats and start swaying towards finding my protein in seafood.  I know that may sound a little contradictory, but I find a little more realm in eating seafoods and maybe it’s just because I didn’t get a behind the scenes glance as to how that industry is working. I also found a really great site that tells you what seafoods are best to eat and what types of nutrients they provide to you body.  It’s actually a diet blog. I joined, you should too!


Antioxidant Supplement

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This video seems a little sketchy to me. Are antioxidant supplements really good for you? Or is it better to just eat the actual fruit that the antioxidants are found in. Do these antioxidant supplements have any negative side effects? How is this a natural healthy thing to have?

Fruits in Season

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After watching the in-class video on GMO’s, processing of foods, food labels, etc., I found the ending credits to be really intersting.  When “look closely at food labels” and “eat only fruits in season” scrolled across the screen, I felt as if I could help/make a difference in the food industry by actually eating fruits that are in season and paying close attention to what I’m really eating.  After class, I actually started looking up when fruits and vegetables are in season, well I found this really cool website that I know I’ll be using on a regular basis. It tells you how to find good, ripe fruits and it also tells you when they’re in season. This is a good way to do the right thing for those people who are laboring to satisfiy the food industry.


Avoiding GMO’s

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In Food Inc., we heard about these genetically modified foods, and I know that it alerted me to the idea of this phenomenon. I decided that I wanted to look more into the idea of GMO’s and I found a great website that explains what exactly they are and health risks, among many other things. The website is:


After finding out exactly what they are and getting background information, I found a great link that discusses how to avoid these foods. Although the article is several years dated, I think that the strategies hold up well. It specifies ideas for different types of GMO’s, for example, crops, meat, tobacco, and sweeteners. One suggestion  just includes asking the producer of the food  if igt is a GMO. The link was very through and I thought it was helpful. If you want to look at it more, the link is:


More Interesting Facts

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“There is evidence that honey is the only food that cannot spoil. Archaeologists have tasted honey discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs, reporting that it’s edible”-

That is crazy. Maybe it was edible, but I doubt it tasted really good.

“There are 1,200 varieties of watermelon.” -I find this hard to believe too. I wonder what the difference is.

“The world record for eating cheesecake is 11 pounds eaten in nine minutes – by Sonya Thomas, who weighs 105 pounds.” -11 POUNDS? This is my favorite fact. Especially because it was eaten by a skinny girl!

Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/health/diet-nutrition/articles/31918.aspx#ixzz0lwGuoaNZ

Food Fact

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We’ve been talking alot about the way fruits are changed and how they are only really good during their ripe season. I saw this on a food fact website and thought it was interesting. “Those mega-size apples and oranges you’ve been seeing lately at conventional grocers are pumped up due to added water volume, rather than fruit substance. This is a crop-yield technique by farmers designed to produce bigger fruit for more consumer appeal.” It kind of reminds me of how the chickens were plumped so big they could barely walk 🙁


Acai Berry

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I was reading about antioxidants and on this website it mentioned that a really effective antioxidant is acai pure juice. I have never heard of an acai berry so I thought it was interesting. They only grow in the Brazilian Rainforest! It also says that “Studies by the USDA show that the level of free radical fighting antioxidants in the berry are far, far more prevalent than in a simple blueberry”.

Food Allergies

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I saw this video that is about kids with food allergies. The kids are adorable. It is so sad that they can’t eat such staple foods like milk. And it’s really scary how bad allergic reactions can be.

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

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It has been found that dark chocolate may lower stroke risk or the likelihood of death after stroke. Studies were reviewed and that is how these findings came about, but at this point the findings aren’t conclusive, they need even more research to draw a final result. It is still apparent however that out of the options for chocolate, dark chocolate is the way to go. Two out of the three studies that were reviewed in this experiment showed the dark chocolate helps in the reduction of this risk. Like I said however, these studies haven’t yielded definative results yet. For more on this topic, you can read the article at:


Antioxidants in Foods

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I found this article discussing antioxidants in foods other then just fruits and vegetables. In the article it discusses that cereals, popcorn, and whole grain snacks are abundant in antioxidants. In case you want to read more about the antioxidant content of food, you can read the article:

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