RASPBERRIES-One of the World’s Healthiest Foods!

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Raspberries are my favorite fruit!!!  When I was writing my paper 4, my article from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry had a lot of good information about the health benefits of raspberries.  I learned that eating a cup of raspberries a day can help prevent cancer by blocking the cancer-causing agents found in the everyday things we come into contact with.  I did some more research today and found this website about the World’s Healthiest foods, and raspberries are one of them!  Check it out and see if your favorite food is  on the list! 🙂


Ginseng helps boost memory!

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My friend asked me the other day if ginseng was the thing in energy drinks that helped boost your memory.  I had heard this before, but wasn’t really sure.  So, I decided to find out.  Apparently, studies show that ginseng showed significant memory improvement in those that took it for tweleve weeks.  Here’s the link if you want to know more, but it’s also been shown to help decrease dementia or memory loss in people who have suffered strokes as well.


Food Chemistry Website

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I was searching on the web and found a link to a really good website that keeps up on current food chemistry issues in case anybody is interested in keeping up with the food chemistry field. It has sections about conferences on food chem and studies as well. It also keeps updated on any legistlation dealing with food. If anyone is interested, the link is:


Serving live animals

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This article is on Peta’s website and I found it really horrifying. People from Peta protested against certain restaurants that were serving their food alive. I always thought that this had to be illegal. I couldn’t imagine having my food served to me while it was still living.

A Few Blueberries A Day, Keeps the Dementia Away!

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For our last paper, where we found articles in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, I found an article on the health benefits of a blueberry supplement.  The article basically read that by eating blueberries daily it prevents the onset of memory loss and for those elderly on the verge of lost memory it prolongs the process.  Bascially, scientists and doctors are trying to find ways to prevent dementia in elderly patients.  These baby steps may lead to huge imporvement in our future! I’ll be eating blueberries regularly now!

Cruelty to Animals

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The above link is to a website that encourages people to be vegetarian. The video on the page has a good amount of similar footage to the video we watched in class about our food. I am not personally vegetarian, but I do not agree with the things that are done to these animals. Another website that offers tons of free information about animal cruelty is http://www.peta.org/
You can learn so much from websites like this and maybe stop animal cruelty without becoming a vegetarian.

Activia Yogurt

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I eat activia just about everyday and I was wondering if their really were any health benefts to the yogurt or if it was all just a marketing ploy.  I looked at a bunch of sites and couldn’t really get a distinct anwer, so I found this site and thought that it provided great insight.


Berry Benefits

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For my last paper for FSEM, the article I chose was about the benefits of berries. I never thought that little berries could really be so good for you. They are so good for you that they are known to prevent many diseases and certain types of cancers in some cases. Here is a new article I found that kind of sums up why these berries are so good for you. After completing my paper and reading this article, I definitely plan on eating more berries!



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When we were learning about allergies, I thought of one of my friends who has a sever allergy to peanuts. He told me has to carry an EpiPen around with him, but I never really understood it. So, I visited this website, and this clearly explains everything about the allergies people have and how the EpiPen works to help them. I’m glad we have something out there that is helpful for people living with these allergies.


Side Effects

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After learning about antioxidants and how they were good for you, I began to wonder if maybe there were side effects to them or if it was possible to have too many antioxidants. The article below tells of how some research is turning up some possible negative side effects. I found it really interesting, but kind of scary!


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