Fish Oil

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there are many benefits that come from taking fish oil supplements. Fish oils contains a lot of omega-3s, which are essential fatty acids, as well as other molecules that are important for our body. Some benefits include easing depression or helping joint pain. There are many more benefits listed under in this article.

health benefits of being a vegetarian

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Since there has been a lot of talk about becoming a vegetarian after the recent viewing of food inc and discussing animal cruelty I decided to look up some benefits of being a vegetarian. If your interested, this article contains 17 benefits.

Dietary Fiber

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I wrote my paper on dietary fiber and I learned a lot of very interesting facts that I thought some of you should know about. Fiber is very important for your colons health. In your intestines, there are many different strains of bacteria that help with breaking down that last bit of our food and sometimes, though we cannot digest fiber, they sometimes break some of it down into SCFAs or short-chain-fatty-acids. Some of these fatty acids are very important in preventing and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in the colon. (fyi: there can be multiple adenoma cells or small benign tumors in your colon, and the SCFA Butyrate causes them to die) Colon cancer is in the top 3 most common cancer for men and women.. so make sure you get plenty of fiber in your diet!

different flavors of chocolate

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I did some research on chocolate and I discovered that depending on where the cocoa comes from in the world, determines it’s flavor. I thought this was very interesting, especially because most of the chocolates I have eaten have a very uniform, similar taste. This is because chocolate producers order cocoa from all over the world to mix all its flavors together creating one flavor. Some chocolates, such as bonbons, use more of one strain of cocoa than others and this is what gives them their unique flavor.

bacteria and our food

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I was doing an assignment for biology and one of the things I had to do was find a food that needed bacteria or microorganisms to be manufactured. I thought that was a little weird so I did a little research to see what all needed it and surprise, surprise there was actually a list. I guess in today’s society we all see bacteria as being bad and gross, but we forget just how important some bacteria can be.. here is a link with a short list of foods that require bacteria.


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3 favorite foods:
blueberries-serving size 1 cup- 9010 APS.
strawberries-serving size- 1 cup- 5938 APS.
pecans- serving size 1 ounce- 5095 APS.

In one sitting I would eat more than the serving size for strawberries and pecans but not enough blueberries. I dont eat fruit alot so I should start eating more.

leavening agents

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Here is some information on leavening agents. I also learned in a cake decorating class that you can also make your cake rise more if you whip it up really fast because it causes little air bubbles in the dough.

I always wondered why on brownie boxes there was a choice of fudge like brownies or cake like brownies and the only difference was adding an extra egg. This link explained that egg whites are leavening agents because they foam when cooked.

snacks + liquid nitrogen

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I looking to see what all we could make with liquid nitrogen and here was a a few recipes forĀ snacks that I thought was interesting.


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this is a little info on what we talked about in class yesterday about cooking without heat. ceviche is fish that is cooked using a mixture of lemons and lime. Its said that the citris acid denatures the proteins in the fish and “pickles it” which is the same as cooking it in this case

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im voting for the 3 bean and beef chili

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