Free Radicals Video

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When researching for paper 4, I came across this cool video about free radicals.  I had trouble understanding what they were when we discussed antioxidants in class.  I wanted to know more about how they formed  and how they are associated with oxidative stress. I knew that antioxidants help to stop free radicals and this video is a really simple visual explanation that helped me to better understand how they work.  Also, underneath the video, is more explanation about free radicals, oxidative stress, and antioxidants and how all three relate to each other.

Food Inc. Reaction

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I’d seen this movie once before about a year ago and was repulsed, but eventually forgot about it.  Now after watching it again it has a much greater impact on my opinions about the meat industry and the companies that are monopolizing it.  It is unreal how much power they have yet how little the public knows about it all.  Personally, I feel that we are entitled to know everything about our food: where it comes from, what’s in it, how it is handled, etc.  This labeling should be as simple as nutrition facts labels.  I also found it really upsetting when they said that income level is directly correlated with obesity.  It is unfair that poor individuals have to eat in unhealthy ways because they can’t afford to feed themselves with healthier food.  One thing I really loved was what Joel Salatin was doing with his Polyface Farm.  The meat seemed to be prepared in a cleaner way (although it was outside) than the meat in slaughterhouses, and I would much rather travel to his farm to purchase food than to just buy what is at the grocery store after knowing the truth behind everything.  There is so much corruption in law enforcement already, but now that they are keeping things secret and lying for powerful food companies, I feel even more inclined to “vote” for what I feel is right through the food that I choose to eat.

3 Favorite Foods – Antioxidants

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My three favorite foods on the list of antioxidant rich foods are artichoke hearts, strawberries, and gala apples.  1 cup of cooked artichoke hearts has a TAC (total antioxidant capacity) of 7904, 1 cup of strawberries has a TAC of  5938, and 1 Gala apples has a TAC of 3903.  I usually don’t eat these foods very often (especially the artichoke hearts), but when I do eat them, I eat an equal or greater amount of the serving sizes tested in this article.

Cake Baking

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Just a question to ponder: What would happen if you tried to bake a cake in the microwave?  Any ideas?


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After learning about leavening agents, I thought about how these ingredients create bubbles in cakes and other things and make them light and fluffy and then realized that yeast does a similar thing to bread.  However after seeing my dad make rolls and leaving them out to rise I knew that they must do different things because yeast works at room temperature and not when things are being cooked so I looked up how yeast works and I found this website and it gave me the answer I was looking for.  And it just so happens that the article was written by the author of our class textbook!

Microwaving Peeps

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I’ve microwaved Peeps (and regular marshmallows) before and seen them grow and expand in the microwave but then shrink and become chewy and hard when you take them out of the microwave.  Does anyone know why this happens? Here’s a funny video

Microwaving a Chip Bag

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When I went to a summer camp when I was younger I remember my friends and I microwaved our chip bags because we’d seen other kids do it and found that they shrank and we thought it was really cool.  When you do microwave a chip bag though, I’m guessing that it can’t be good for the microwave because it produces sparks.  I think this is because it has aluminum or a metal in it but I still don’t know what causes it to shrink.  Does anyone have an idea?

Here is a funny video I found to show you what happens if you haven’t seen it happen before

Wacky Cake v. Gooey Cake

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After seeing the Wacky Cake recipe I remembered that during the first semester my roommates mom made us a cake called Gooey Cake.  It was a weird combination of textures but it was delicious and my roommate told me that I didn’t even want to know the ingredients because of how bad the cake was for you.  Since the two cake names sounded similar I decided to compare them and found that they weren’t as similar as I thought they would be.

Here is the recipe for Gooey Cake.  It’s delicious but awfully unhealthy so beware.,166,156182-248196,00.html

Difference between dry ice and liquid nitrogen

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After using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream in class I remember hearing some students ask how liquid nitrogen was different from dry ice but I didn’t hear an answer so I looked it up for myself. I knew that dry ice was solid and liquid nitrogen was obviously a liquid but I didn’t know their elemental composition and this question on Yahoo helped me to understand.

“Tapped”-bottled water and the FDA

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After watching the movie “Tapped” and hearing someone in the movie say that technically only 1/2 a person in the FDA worked with bottled water health regulations I was in awe.  I can’t believe this and I can’t understand how this is allowed. It got me curious so I looked at the FDA website and looked for the information they had about bottled water and there wasn’t much. “FDA monitors and inspects bottled water products and processing plants under its general food safety program, not a specific bottled water program. Because FDA’s experience over the years has shown that bottled water has a good safety record, bottled water plants generally are assigned low priority for inspection.”  This part helped me understand more of why bottled water isn’t tested very often.  “Some samples are collected during inspections if the inspector’s observations warrant collection to test for contaminants or if the bottled water facility has a previous history of contamination.”  This helps to explain why bottled water is unreliable in whether it contains contaminants or not.  This made me angry to find that bottled water is usually only tested if is has had a history of contamination or another similar reason to be tested.  Bottled water contains more harmful materials than tap water.  It’s trusted more though just because it is bottled, but very few people know this and they could be drinking water that is harmful just because it isn’t tested frequently and regularly. Here is the link

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