A Few Blueberries A Day, Keeps the Dementia Away!

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For our last paper, where we found articles in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, I found an article on the health benefits of a blueberry supplement.  The article basically read that by eating blueberries daily it prevents the onset of memory loss and for those elderly on the verge of lost memory it prolongs the process.  Bascially, scientists and doctors are trying to find ways to prevent dementia in elderly patients.  These baby steps may lead to huge imporvement in our future! I’ll be eating blueberries regularly now!

Activia Yogurt

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I eat activia just about everyday and I was wondering if their really were any health benefts to the yogurt or if it was all just a marketing ploy.  I looked at a bunch of sites and couldn’t really get a distinct anwer, so I found this site and thought that it provided great insight.


What seafoods are good for you?

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I haven’t eaten red meat since I was in 6th grade.  I occasionally eat chicken as a source of protein, but again after watching the video in class on how they raise animals to produce meat, it made me sick.  I understand that this is a job for some, but I feel as if what they are doing to animals is just plain cruel.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an animal rights activist, but I do feel as thought we should treat our animals as they are being treated in the meat packing industry.  I believe that they way they raise their animals by feeding them hormones and foods that generate rapid growth is harmful and cruel.  I’ve actually decided that I think I’m going to stay away from eating meats and start swaying towards finding my protein in seafood.  I know that may sound a little contradictory, but I find a little more realm in eating seafoods and maybe it’s just because I didn’t get a behind the scenes glance as to how that industry is working. I also found a really great site that tells you what seafoods are best to eat and what types of nutrients they provide to you body.  It’s actually a diet blog. I joined, you should too!


Fruits in Season

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After watching the in-class video on GMO’s, processing of foods, food labels, etc., I found the ending credits to be really intersting.  When “look closely at food labels” and “eat only fruits in season” scrolled across the screen, I felt as if I could help/make a difference in the food industry by actually eating fruits that are in season and paying close attention to what I’m really eating.  After class, I actually started looking up when fruits and vegetables are in season, well I found this really cool website that I know I’ll be using on a regular basis. It tells you how to find good, ripe fruits and it also tells you when they’re in season. This is a good way to do the right thing for those people who are laboring to satisfiy the food industry.



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One of my all time favorite vegetables is asparagus!  I eat asparagus regularly, frozen, fresh, you name it. I eat it all the time!  According to the charts asparagus contains about 2021 TAC/serving (1/2 cup).  I’m pretty sure I eat more than half a cup anytime I get the chance to consume this delicious vegetable.  Another one of my favortite foods found on the chart is tangerines.  They contain about 1361 TAC/serving (1 fruit). I don’t eat as many tangerines as I used too-I used to eat them like candybefore I would start soccer practice for school-and I especially don’t eat them now since I’m in college and they would more than likely go bad!  The third favorite food on the charts would have to be strawberries-cliche, I know.  The strawberries contain about 5938 TAC/serving (1cup).  I’d have to say I consume strawberries more than I do tangerines, I have about a cup once a week! I guess I really never knew how much TAC I was consuming daily! That’s actually pretty sweet.

Conventional vs. Convection Oven

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I was helping my mom pick out a new stove for our kitchen this weekend, since she’s remodeling, well we went into Lowes and she had a legit question. What’s the difference between a conventional oven and a convection oven.  I wanted to look more into it.  Did you know that you have to learn how to modify recipes in order to cook in a convection oven. Crazy!



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Have you ever wondered what how jawbreakers are made (AND how they get gum inside that lasts SO long)? I mean come on…when you were little and jawbreakers were so popular, didn’t you wonder why they were so hard! I was never able to eat an entire jaw breaker to the center, it made me so mad! Here is the video on how they are made…you have to start with the first video at 6 minutes and then continue on with the second video!



How to cook a hotdog on a car engine=]

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This is a pretty sweet instructional on “How to Cook a Hot Dog on a Car Engine”

Food Pairing Charts

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This is a really cool site. It allows you to pick a food group and then a speicifc food and it shows a chart with all of the possibilities of food pairings that complement each other! I spent a little while just messing around with the charts! It’s acutally really fun!

Mom’s Easy Turkey Chili (takes no time)

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1 lb. of ground turkey 

2 cans of kidney beans (we used Bush’s Chili beans – they are kidney
beans with seasoning)

1 can of diced tomatos (can be flavored or plain – we used garlic &

1 sm. Can of tomato sauce

2 Bay leaves

1 0r 2 Tbsp Worchestershire sauce

Chili powder, salt & pepper to taste

1. brown the meat with chili powder and onions

2. combine all ingredients into a pot and let simmer for as long as you feel needed

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