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I was wondering what people think of artifical sweetners. In most diet drinks artifical sweetners are used instead of sugar. These sweetners are not really good for the body. So is it better to put artifical sugar in your body or just watch how much sugar you put in?


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This is a video about molecular gastronomy. I like that Herve explains what he is doing and you actually get to see it. (He is kind of hard to understand, but not too bad) He explains how and why things work. I really like how much science he shows in this. , but that it is also an art.


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i found this website and though yall may be interested in reading it…


I found this on youtube (sorry if youvce seen it)

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I thought this was really neat and it helped me understand molecular gastronomy a little bit more even thought i am still confused too. The cotton candy part is my favorite!

3 Questions ragghianti

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1) In the artical Kitchen Chemistry the author metions a vaccume in order to cook science wise. Does this mean that the author thinks that the only true cooking is if a person uses outside the normal type things in order to cook?
2)In the article Food For Thought, Silver (the student) mentions wanting to be able to replicate the function of salep. Do you think the replicated ones would be considered organic or not? Also what are your feelings on organic foods compaired to non organic?
3) In the article kitchen chemistry, it mentions a misconception about adding chemical food to food is not bad.  I was a little confused by this, especially with all the organic foods being talked about.  Wouldn’t it be bad to add things like gellan or xanthan gum to foods even though it may not alter the taste?  Isn’t doing this make the food chemically altered and not organic?

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