Healthier Eating

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If any of you are looking into eating healthier, here is a great website!  It has day-by-day meals, well-researched information, and tips for healthier lifestyles.  Check it out, if you’re interested!

RASPBERRIES-One of the World’s Healthiest Foods!

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Raspberries are my favorite fruit!!!  When I was writing my paper 4, my article from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry had a lot of good information about the health benefits of raspberries.  I learned that eating a cup of raspberries a day can help prevent cancer by blocking the cancer-causing agents found in the everyday things we come into contact with.  I did some more research today and found this website about the World’s Healthiest foods, and raspberries are one of them!  Check it out and see if your favorite food is  on the list! 🙂

Ginseng helps boost memory!

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My friend asked me the other day if ginseng was the thing in energy drinks that helped boost your memory.  I had heard this before, but wasn’t really sure.  So, I decided to find out.  Apparently, studies show that ginseng showed significant memory improvement in those that took it for tweleve weeks.  Here’s the link if you want to know more, but it’s also been shown to help decrease dementia or memory loss in people who have suffered strokes as well.


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I’m really excited to learn more about antioxidants!!  I have an IG-A deficiency, so I don’t have the A antibody in my blood that other people have to help fight off infections and illnesses.  Therefore, I eat and drink a lot of antioxidant rich foods and immunity boosting foods and beverages.

My favorite foods are berries–any kind of berry!  Raspberries are definitely my favorite, and they are ranked at number ten with 6,058 antioxidants per cup (TAC/serving (μmol of TE))!  Strawberries, my second favorite, are ranked at number eleven with 5,938 anitoxidants per cup.  And, finally, blackberries, ranked at number eight, have 7,701 antioxidants per cup!  Everyday I have a fruit drink that has strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries it in and occasionally I get a raspberry, wildberry, or strawberry smoothie–so I usually get about a cup a day!

During the summer, my Mom and I will pick wild blueberries down the road from where we live.  We usually make blueberry pie and sometimes blueberry jam.  Wild blueberries have 13,427 antioxidants per cup (ranked number two)!
The oxygen radical absorbency capacity (ORAC) is a scientific method that is used to measure the antioxidant capacity of certain foods.  The ORAC helps to determine a food’s “healthiness” because a greater number of antioxidants means that a food is “healthier.”  Antioxidants have been show to help fight heart disease, cancer, slow Alzheimer’s disease, and aging.  They can also be used to fight off and get rid of lesser infections and illnesses.  They are super powerful and pack a really healthy punch!

Both articles presented the same information for the total antioxidant capacity of the foods, or TAC/serving (μmol of TE).  However changes could have been caused by growing conditions, such as variations in temperatures, locations, and even diseases.

Meet your Meat

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I found this video and it goes along with the movie we watched in class, Food Inc.  It’s kind of disturbing, but it’s so true–and that’s the sad part.  It says that all meat-eaters should watch it…so, feel free to watch it if you’d like, but it is graphic in some places.

Food Inc.

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I’ve read several vegetarian pamphlets and vegan brochures that argue the same points as this movie does.  To be honest, it is much worse watching it then it is to read about it and just see pictures. 

I was inspired to be a vegetarian for a week after reading everything about how they treat the animals.  It just disgusted me.  I can’t believe the way they do things–what is wrong with America??? 

It absolutely amazed me that Monsanto had the patent rights to soybeans and that every company basically has to go through them if they want to grow anything that contains soy.  They are suing farmers for reusing their own seed?!  It’s outrageous!  What happened to getting rid of monopolies and helping the people at the bottom–those who are at the very core of everything we consume? 

Not only is it disgusting the way they treat the animals, workers, et cetera, but it isn’t right either!  Now, I’m all about chemistry and making things better, but genetically modified foods and cloned meats–NO thank you!  We have the right to know what we are eating and everything should be labeled. 

If we start to buy healthier and locally, we can change the way our food is brought to us.  As the Wal-mart representative said, they base their values on what the customer wants.  If they don’t sell enough meat that is cloned or genetically modified foods, then they will stop carrying them and switch to something else–what the consumer wants.

Healthy Chocolate

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Is there such a thing as healthy chocolate?  Well, according to Web MD, there is!  Dark chocolate is packed full of antioxidants to help prevent diseases, and has also been shown to reduce high blood pressure.  So, you can have your chocolate, and eat it too!  …Just as long as you don’t mind it being a tad bitter.  🙂

Easter Eggs & More

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When I think of Easter, I usually think of eggs.  So, I got curious and was wondering how the “Easter egg” came about and egg hunts.  I found several articles with different information.  I thought this one was neat, because it told about Dolly Madison, and how she started the Easter egg roll.

Food Revolution

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This is a new show that I came across the other day.  It’s not exactly about the chemistry of food, like what we learn.  However, I thought it was pretty interesting.  This chef, Jamie Oliver, is trying to help reverse obesity and diseases caused by the way Americans eat and stuff.  It’s really amazing how the younger generation reacts to the things he tries to do!  It really makes you wonder…what are we teaching our kids these days?!?

Check it out!

Baking Soda Lab

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I was surprised with some of the results in yesterday’s lab.  Honestly, I thought that the vinegar and baking soda mixture would have the largest amount of carbon dioxide gas released and would have made the balloon the biggest.  However, the baking powder and the water was just as effective, if not more in producing the most CO2.  I wasn’t really sure how the Cream of Tartar would act, because the information in the readings didn’t elude to that very much.  However, I wasn’t surprised when it didn’t really react that much.

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