Serving live animals

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This article is on Peta’s website and I found it really horrifying. People from Peta protested against certain restaurants that were serving their food alive. I always thought that this had to be illegal. I couldn’t imagine having my food served to me while it was still living.

Cruelty to Animals

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The above link is to a website that encourages people to be vegetarian. The video on the page has a good amount of similar footage to the video we watched in class about our food. I am not personally vegetarian, but I do not agree with the things that are done to these animals. Another website that offers tons of free information about animal cruelty is
You can learn so much from websites like this and maybe stop animal cruelty without becoming a vegetarian.

Berry Benefits

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For my last paper for FSEM, the article I chose was about the benefits of berries. I never thought that little berries could really be so good for you. They are so good for you that they are known to prevent many diseases and certain types of cancers in some cases. Here is a new article I found that kind of sums up why these berries are so good for you. After completing my paper and reading this article, I definitely plan on eating more berries!


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When we were learning about allergies, I thought of one of my friends who has a sever allergy to peanuts. He told me has to carry an EpiPen around with him, but I never really understood it. So, I visited this website, and this clearly explains everything about the allergies people have and how the EpiPen works to help them. I’m glad we have something out there that is helpful for people living with these allergies.

Side Effects

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After learning about antioxidants and how they were good for you, I began to wonder if maybe there were side effects to them or if it was possible to have too many antioxidants. The article below tells of how some research is turning up some possible negative side effects. I found it really interesting, but kind of scary!

Antioxidant Supplement

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This video seems a little sketchy to me. Are antioxidant supplements really good for you? Or is it better to just eat the actual fruit that the antioxidants are found in. Do these antioxidant supplements have any negative side effects? How is this a natural healthy thing to have?

Antioxidant Assignment

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The three favorite foods of mine that I chose from the article were kiwi, baby carrots, and cashews. The tables in the article say the kiwi’s relative antioxidant concentration was 698, the baby carrot’s was 262, and the cashew’s was 567. There for, the kiwi has the most antioxidant, followed by the cashew, and finally the baby carrot. According to the article, 3 lbs of the foods were tested which is a significantly larger amount than I consume of these foods. I only have one kiwi, a few baby carrots, and a handful of cashews.

Dying Easter Eggs

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In the spirit of Easter, I decided a post about Easter eggs may be necessary. Since we watched a video on microwaving eggs, this may also go along with the egg theme. I always wanted to know the history of why we dye Easter eggs today, not that it isn’t just a fun thing to do, and a way to make boring hard-boiled eggs pretty. So, here is some history that I found!

world’s Largest cupcake

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I wonder how much leavening agent was put into that giant delicious treat!


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Microwave v. Stove top

How to pop on the stove…

After I wrote my paper on microwavable brownies v baked brownies I realized I may have enjoyed writing a paper on this instead. This experiment seems really interesting and fun! It’s interesting to me because when you make popcorn on the stove you have to create friction by shaking the pot to help the kernels pop, but with microwavable popcorn you don’t have to do any of that. I would like to completely fulfill this experiment this summer.

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