Extra Credit/Holiday Concert

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I was very impressed with the holiday/Fantasia orchestra concert and enjoyed it very much. Because my freshman year roommate, Julia Ruane, and two of her friends are in orchestra, I went to the holiday concert last year and felt this year’s concert was far superior. I loved how they incorporated the video clips from the Fantasia video with the orchestral music. They matched the music with the video clips perfectly. While I was watching the screen, I forgot that it was a live orchestra playing; It sounded like the original music from the movie because it was choreographed so well with the clips.
Before they played The Sorcerer’s Apprentice the conductor first explained that the music for this work was heavily modified for Fantasia and was extremely difficult to play. Apparently many notes were added and taken out of multiple measures in the piece to help it fit with the video. Because of this, he apologized if the orchestra was slightly off with the video clip. However they played the piece perfectly and ended exactly when the video ended. It was perfect.
I really enjoy watching the UMW Philharmonic Orchestra and think it is very interesting how it is a mixture of UMW students and Fredericksburg residents. I also thought the singer who sang Ave Maria did an excellent job and was surprised how such a big, beautiful voice could come out of such a tiny (thin) person.

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