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I have been listening to Mozart’s music since I was very young. We had The Magic Flute on tape and my brother and I would listen to it in the car. Other times when we were in the car and my mom was listening to NPR, a piece by Mozart would come on the radio. I liked his music and thought that he was just a normal composer with average social skills. It was not until I watched Amadeus and did the readings in class that I discovered what a strange demeanor and personality he had. After listening to his music, I never thought he would be so uncensored, unpredictable, and socially awkward. After reading more about his intense and difficult life and his relationship with his father, it made complete sense why Mozart acted the way he did.
In class we talked about the possibility of Mozart having many mental disorders such as Autism or Tourette’s syndrome. I somewhat agree and think that there is a possibility that he did have some sort of disorder. However, if you look carefully at the kind of life he lived, the intense pressure he was under beginning at an extremely young age, the isolation from his peers that he experienced, and the fact that everything was about him (and to that extent he was somewhat spoiled or made to feel he was the center of everything) it may very well be that he did not have any disorders. It might simply have been that multiple components in his life attributed to the odd personality of Mozart.
I believe this because while I have never met anyone who has lived as intense and difficult a life as Mozart, I have met and been friends with people whose lives differ from the majority of the population. Some are either home schooled or are athletes who do not attend high school and are privately tutored and constantly training. While their personalities are in no way as extreme as Mozart, I see many similarities. Some of them are very self-centered and do not have filters when they talk. They will blurt out comments that are totally inappropriate and do not seem to realize that the comment was inappropriate at all. Around people their own age, they are sometimes awkward and do not fit in. Their views on society are often different that they too may have funny laughs or make funny noises.
Although Mozart’s personality quirks are way more extreme than the ones I mentioned above, his live was also way more intense and extreme than the people I mentioned earlier. Because of this, I feel that his life had a lot to do with his quirky personality rather than simply mental disorders (although he probably had some). It is interesting how hindering or altering a person’s development can create problems when they are older.

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