Activia Yogurt

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I eat activia just about everyday and I was wondering if their really were any health benefts to the yogurt or if it was all just a marketing ploy.  I looked at a bunch of sites and couldn’t really get a distinct anwer, so I found this site and thought that it provided great insight.


  1. The reason activia is considered healthy and advertised for helping your digestive system because it is a probiotic. Activia contains a live culture of BL regularis which is an anearobic bacteria that works in your intestines. This bacteria helps aid in digestion and allows intestines to absorb more nutrients. activia also contains calcium and other nutrients healthy.

    Comment by karbogas — April 23, 2010 #

  2. I think yogurt is actually really healthy. You have to look for yogurt with “live cultures” though. The live culture in the yogurt are healthy bacteria that work together with your body to cleanse and improve your digestive and immune systems.

    Comment by bnassef — April 23, 2010 #

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