Growing out of peanut allergies?

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I have a friend who used to be allergic to peanuts, but is no longer allergic to them anymore. I’ve always wondered why and how this happened, but did not think of actually looking it up until I read the articles on food allergies. I discovered that the reason is fairly simple. Children grow out of peanut allergies because their bodies eventually stop overreacting to certain chemicals in peanuts. Because their bodies stop reacting to the chemicals, they stop releasing certain chemicals, including histamine, that all have different effects on the systems of the body. This is what causes the symptoms ranging from upset stomach to anaphylactic shock. About 20% of all children born with peanut allergies grow out of them. (


  1. This is a very interesting post because I am allergic to peanuts and I did not grow out of the allergy. I do remember reading about growing out of allergies and the body releasing histamines/reacting to certain protiens in the peanuts from the food allergy articles. But like i said, Im 18 years old and i still am allergic to peanuts and all nuts in general but interesting enough… I used to be allergic to eggs but i have grown out of it. Let me describe my allergy to eggs a little; i could eat things made from eggs as long as the were mixed well like ice cream and cake but i could not have french toast cooked in egg on the stove. But after a recent physical at the doctor about a year ago, he said i am no longer allergic to eggs and that i should try some so i did and nothing happened. So that was pretty cool.

    Comment by twatson — April 21, 2010 #

  2. Wow, i’d never thought people could grow out of a peanut allergies, especially since it is one of the most sevre allergies out there. I would be scared to find out if i was still allergic so im glad your friend no longer is. I know people can become allergic to things becuase the body builds up the chemicals or lack there of. I became allergic to bees after my friend steped on a hive and we each got stung 12 times. hopefully i will grow out of that 🙂

    Comment by caseyragg — April 21, 2010 #

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