Chocolate Pill?

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Because chocolate lowers blood pressure and ‘bad’ cholesterol, stimulate endorphin production, contains antioxidants, contains serotonin (which acts as an anti-depressant) and contains caffeine and other stimulants, it seems the the perfect food. However, pure cacao is extremely bitter and does not taste very good. To counter this, companies put sugar and milk or heavy cream into the chocolate to create tasty creations that contain less nutrients and health benefits than pure cacao; or rather the cacao is less concentrated. After thinking about this, I came up with a solution. I think they should come up with a cacao pill that contains all the health benefits of cacao without the bitter taste. I did a little research, trying to find out if a pill had already been invented, but it appears that none have. I wonder why. The only reason I can come up with for not inventing such a pill would be because both milk and dark chocolate taste so good people would rather eat them (with smaller concentrations of cacao) than swallow a pill.


  1. True dat man.

    It wouldn’t even be that hard to make, and it would still taste awesome, even if there were no sweeteners or cocoa butter because it would have that tasty chocolateness going down.

    You should totally invent it, Ill be an investor

    Comment by Alex Lee — April 21, 2010 #

  2. That’s really creative! I like your thinkin! Count me in on this business creation. Also in response to Alex, if you’ve ever tasted unsweetened chocolate (used in baking), you’ll know that chocolate with no sugar is quite disgusting. So I’m thinking the “chocolate” pill wouldn’t taste too chocolaty, but hey that’s just my opinion.

    Comment by mpacious — April 21, 2010 #

  3. A cacao pill is a very interesting idea. A pill that tastes good and has all the benefits such as antioxidants and other stimulants would be cool. Im surprised nobody has actually made this but your point is understandable becaause people would rather just eat the tasty chocolate bar instead of taking a pill. I feel like the pill would cost a lot of money to possibly.

    Comment by twatson — April 21, 2010 #

  4. I agree with this! That would be cool because you could satisfy your cocoa craving without eating to much of it. And your receive all the healthy benefits of cocoa! I guess people just enjoy the taste, aroma, flavor, and texture of chocolate too much to make one!

    Comment by sdonatich — April 22, 2010 #

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