3 Favorite Foods

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Three of my favorite foods listed in the antioxidant article are wild blueberries, broccoli Raab, and almonds. I also enjoy the commercially grown blueberries that are sold in supermarkets, but the smaller wild blueberries are definitely the best. They are super delicious in homemade pies with buttery pie crusts. According to the article, 145 g (or 1 cup) of wild blue berries contains 13427 µmol of TE/g total antioxidant capacity, 85 g (or 1/5 a bushel) of Broccoli Raab contains between 1322-2621 µmol of TE/g total antioxidant capacity, and 1 oz of almonds contains 1265 µmol of TE/g total antioxidant capacity. All of these amounts tested are the equivalent to one serving size. My regular consumption of these foods varies. When in season, I probably consume one serving of wild blueberries per week. I consume on average about one half of a serving size of almonds per week and when I am at home (not college) I eat about 2 to 3 servings of Broccoli Raab per week. So overall, I generally consume the suggested amount of each food and the antioxidants they contain.

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