Food Inc.

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I’ve read several vegetarian pamphlets and vegan brochures that argue the same points as this movie does.  To be honest, it is much worse watching it then it is to read about it and just see pictures. 

I was inspired to be a vegetarian for a week after reading everything about how they treat the animals.  It just disgusted me.  I can’t believe the way they do things–what is wrong with America??? 

It absolutely amazed me that Monsanto had the patent rights to soybeans and that every company basically has to go through them if they want to grow anything that contains soy.  They are suing farmers for reusing their own seed?!  It’s outrageous!  What happened to getting rid of monopolies and helping the people at the bottom–those who are at the very core of everything we consume? 

Not only is it disgusting the way they treat the animals, workers, et cetera, but it isn’t right either!  Now, I’m all about chemistry and making things better, but genetically modified foods and cloned meats–NO thank you!  We have the right to know what we are eating and everything should be labeled. 

If we start to buy healthier and locally, we can change the way our food is brought to us.  As the Wal-mart representative said, they base their values on what the customer wants.  If they don’t sell enough meat that is cloned or genetically modified foods, then they will stop carrying them and switch to something else–what the consumer wants.

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