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Here is some information on leavening agents. I also learned in a cake decorating class that you can also make your cake rise more if you whip it up really fast because it causes little air bubbles in the dough.

I always wondered why on brownie boxes there was a choice of fudge like brownies or cake like brownies and the only difference was adding an extra egg. This link explained that egg whites are leavening agents because they foam when cooked.


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  1. I found this article very interesting, especially the information about baking soda. Baking soda is a base, so it requires an acidic component to produce the gases that make cakes light. According to this article, people sometimes use acidic ingredients, such as honey or vinegar, along with baking soda to create the acid/base reaction. I found it intriguing that baking soda gives cakes or cookies a bitter and unappetizing flavor if an acid is not mixed into the recipe. Also, as you said, egg whites turn into a foam when mixed, so they help to lighten cakes. Because of this characteristic, egg whites can also be considered leavening agents. On the other hand, egg yolks add richness and contribute to the dense texture of cakes or brownies.

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