Baking Soda Lab

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I was surprised with some of the results in yesterday’s lab.  Honestly, I thought that the vinegar and baking soda mixture would have the largest amount of carbon dioxide gas released and would have made the balloon the biggest.  However, the baking powder and the water was just as effective, if not more in producing the most CO2.  I wasn’t really sure how the Cream of Tartar would act, because the information in the readings didn’t elude to that very much.  However, I wasn’t surprised when it didn’t really react that much.

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  1. I though yesterdays lab was interesting. I thought that the readings did mostly a good job in its explanations, for i was able to predict mostly how things would react. even though there was not much said about cream of tartar, i knew it wouldnt react because there was no sodium bicarbonate in it. without that, it cannot realease any carbon dioxide gases that would inflate the balloon.

    Comment by crodina — March 30, 2010 #

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