Chilli Questions and Comments

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So if there are two ways to classify chilis which should we pay more attention to and which is more accurate?

*I liked that it showed the HPLC technique. It helped what i read make since.
*After reading the article Einstein I remember a time a had a crazy hot pepper. MY MOUTH WAS ON FIRE! i had water and it didnt help and my mom told me to drink milk. It works so much better. A lot of people don’t know this. it is very important to know.
*I was surprised to find out from one of the articles that things in spices such as ginger are toxic.

If a person can not taste hot things easily in their mouths, is that really bad for the rest of their body? I would think it could make you sick.

p.s. I have a bad feeling we are going to taste different peppers in class :/

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