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After reading the article by Prinz and taste, i was wondering if people can know the wrong taste. The articel talks about the aroma and nasal passage with taste and if you try a new food and like it while having a cold and you dont like how it taste when you arent sick, is this the wrong taste?

The one by Askwith was kind of confusing for me because of all the short hands and chemistry parts. I kind of understood it. I know it was talking about colld temerature and how is effects cooking,but not fully.
Also is it talking about how some foods (pizza) taste good cold and others dont?

I liked the last article about sugar being sweeter when its warm. It help explain the reason why cookies taste so much sweeter right after coming out of the oven


  1. My blog isnt working so Im writing my post in a comment.

    First off, I really liked the first article about how we percie food not only through taste but also through the way we chew, how it sounds, looks, smells, feels, etc. I was wondering if experiences with or hearing horror stories about food make the food seem like it tastes different? or if over time does our perception of how food change?

    I also could not understand half of what the second article was talking about with the Na+ channels, so maybe we can discuss the topic a little more in class?

    It was interesting to know that the heating and cooling of your tongue could also effect the taste.

    Did the article say that there were not only nerves but hormones that affect the taste as well?

    Comment by karbogas — February 16, 2010 #

  2. In “A matter of taste” I thought it was interesting that the author said certain foods are better hot while others are better cold. I always thought it was a matter of personal opinion. I personally hate cold chocolate and would prefer it as either hot chocolate or room temperature. I never thought people actually wanted to eat cold chocolate but I was talking to my roommate and she said her and her family absolutely love frozen chocolate. This makes me question if hot vs. cold is just personal preference, especially when it comes to culture, as noted in the article. Some foods are prepared differently depending on culture.
    This article also made me wonder why people don’t like all their foods hot if this causes the release of oils?
    The idea of taste and how our tongues/noses determine flavor is intriguing. I was told that someone in my dorm cannot taste, but now I wonder if he cannot taste because of his nose or because there is something wrong with his taste buds. Also, if there was something wrong with his taste buds, could he still taste bitter, sweet, sour, and Omani?

    Comment by aallshou — February 17, 2010 #

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