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Stephen Perrine, author of “The New American Diet,” was on the Early show the other day.  His new book talks about “obesegens” which are chemicals that are in the foods and drinks we consume that have been scientifically shown to increase the rate of obesity.

Although this is a new study, some top medical associations are now starting to back the fact that obesegens exist and are dangerous.

Obesegens work by causing fat to stay in our bodies and makes it harder for them to leave.  For example, some cows are injected with hormones that cause artificial weight gain.  Perrine says that it’s better to eat organic foods because a lot of the obesegens are found in pesticides and artifical things. 

 BPA, a preservative, is a major obesegen.  In order to lower the intake of BPA, Perrine says to stay away from plastic packaging because the packaging contains BPA which causes the increase in obesity by keeping fat in the body.

Here’s the video if anyone would like to watch it.



  1. Very interesting, I fully believe this about the hormones given to animals, if it is make them gain weight, we injest this meat then we are also injesting these hormones. I remember in the early 70’s when these hormones were first introduced there was some controversy of what would happen, but did it have to take so long for there to be some realization this is happening.

    Comment by Janet — March 15, 2011 #

  2. Would like to have watched video on obesegens but video not available.

    Comment by Ian Hobday — February 11, 2012 #

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